Top 5 iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Cases In 2017 for Girls


iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is expensive. It is necessary to buy a case which can protect your phone in case if drop on hard surface. There are so many cases for iPhone available in different styles. But purchasing an iPhone case which allow you to hold your cards, have mirror for makeup and allow you to keep in fashion in 2017.

The following list of iPhone 7 Plus cases is specially created for girls and for those men who want to gift this to their female friends, girlfriend, female coworker, mother, sister and wife etc. We have selected only the best among all with beautiful and attractive colors.

1. iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case pink ($5.99)

If you are looking for a iPhone 7 case to gift your girlfriend, sister or any other female, then this case is perfect. It has a perfect shiny pink color which does not required any additional accessory to decorate. This case suit with both iPhone 7 and plus sizes. => Buy Now

2. iPhone 7 Case – Flip Folio Book Style Card Slots ($4.99)

A Smartphone case which has a look of calculator was popular in 2016. This one has the same design but its color combination brings a new look to old fashion iPhone case. You can put your cards there or even currency notes if you do not want to hold an extra wallet. This case is available in different colors but gold is our favorite among all to keep in style in year 2017. => Buy Now

3. iPhone 7 Case, RFID Blocking, wallet Makeup Mirror ($9.99)

This is another pink iPhone 7 case with card holder and wallet but the shade of pink color makes it extra cool as compare to other. It does have cosmetic mirror inside where extra hole on backside to keep the Apple logo visible. This case allow you to turn your wallet, makeup mirror and mobile case in one. This case also has a bow knot strap, available in multi colors. => Buy Now

4. Moze iPhone 7 Wallet Case 4 Card Slots ($4.99)

If you are a professional lady who need to hold multiple card all the time. Then this is a perfect case to purchase. Its 4 card slots where you can put more than 4 cards at a time. It is available in different colors including rose, gold, purple, black and red etc.=> Buy Now

5. Spigen Wallet S iPhone 7 Case with Foldable Cover and Kickstand ($15.99)

This one is our favorite among all. This case can be used by both men and women because of colors (black and gold brown). It is an advance iPhone 7 case which allow you to use it as wallet, card holder and mobile protector. It is made with pure leather and has a stylish opening to receive calls.=> Buy Now

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