How to Achieve New Year 2017 Goals Successfully


New Year celebrates at midnight and mostly we are slightly tipsy and are outdoors. We watch the fireworks, people hug around us and everywhere we hear: Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! More or less secretly we wish the New Year will be something good, set new goals and take so great resolutions: Every year the ritual is repeated.


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What about you?

These desires and goals of course is not a bad thing, however the key question is:

How many of these resolutions are actually implemented?


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Honest? Well rather the least. Why is that? Why we just do not manage to finally lose a few kilos, exercise more, or whatever?

The old year ends, the New Year comes. Although we may not want to, we reflect on the last. Involuntarily I wonder if I have achieved the goals of last year and have to say that I do not really know because I have never recorded. This article will give you some food for thought on how to develop an achievable annual plan for your New Year 2017 goals and how to implement this step by step.


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During my research on the topic (New Year) achieve goals, I’m came across an American author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who speaks in his book “Born to win” on the achievement of goals and the opinion is, that you should set your New Year goals based on different areas of life, so that one can live a balanced and successful life. Ziglar said that if you set goals without orientation, runs the risk of neglecting important areas of life and is heading towards trouble.

You have to want it, then you can do it also.” Everyone has heard it – at home, at school, at work. But is this true? Does it so easy?

Yes and no.

Studies have shown: intelligence alone is not enough to succeed.

Particularly successful people have especially had a strong willpower.

If you want to have more success, if you want to implement your goals and reach, if you want to fulfill your good intentions, needs one thing above all:



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We need the will to implement a target, a motivation, an intention convert into action. Why most of us lack of willpower? Why we do not manage to overcome the weakness and repeatedly fail so miserably?

We all know this scenario: We set a goal, want to achieve something. At the beginning we are highly motivated, often even euphoric.


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After a short time – when the first euphoria is gone – we forget the thing slowly. We always find excuses not to work on the matter. After a few weeks, the goal is a distant memory. We turn to new things that are exciting or not so expensive.

We are looking for a new destination. The cycle begins again. This is the scenario of the unsuccessful. Okay, before we feel as a complete loser, I have a little sorry for you and me. For this we need a little dip into the evolutionary history.

Why we are a bit lazy


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 To understand how our willpower works, we need to go a little back in time. Deep within us is an evolution biological program anchored. It says, “avoid risk and effort “. For our ancestors, it was vital to avoid unnecessary efforts. Effort means namely energy. And they needed to secure this energy for survival. So you have saved your strength, as often as possible.

Also they tried to avoid unnecessary risks, because that could be life-threatening. What was good and quite reasonable at the time, but proposes today a trick. This program is deeply rooted in our hearts and we also a few tens of thousands years later still work afterwards.

We are basically little lazy and comfortable. That is not a priori bad, but if we want to achieve something, then we are required to spend energy. We must use our willpower to overcome this austerity program. And that’s just not always that simple, eh …

The world has changed fundamentally. In societies where mere survival is more or less secured, man will more. He strives for more success, more money, more recognition, more happiness, more love. For this he has to work, because this value has to be earned.

The following applies: The larger the target, the greater the effort, the more willpower you have to spend to overcome.

How to increase the willpower and better achieve its objectives


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 Here are some very practical tips to increase and exercising willpower. The order is purely coincidental. Pick a tip out and try to implement it in the next few days.

As everything here applies:

Start now!


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Formulate clear goals: Become much detail as possible.

Plane: Bottoms an end goal in many small milestones. Each reached point is a success!

Important! Focusing you: Kill one thing after another. Simultaneously change jobs, lose weight of 10 kg and perhaps even quit smoking – which is definitely not work!

Failures will come. Welcome this failure – in the sense of “this is not a failure / error, but a new challenge, an opportunity to improve.”


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Defer Nothing: Do the things as soon as possible. You should always quickly do the small daily affairs. Anything to remember yet, binds some energy.

Practice log in little things: chewing Cease nails or whatever. If you can make it, you’ll get to more “projects” dare.


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Reward yourself. Give a little price or reward for yourself on what you “get” when you reach a certain goal. You’ll see it helps to stay tuned. And that is especially important:

You should regularly repeat and practice new behaviors. Thus, these behaviors can be automated. Automated behaviors (habits) need much less (or no) willpower.


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Try to be focus write down your goals on chart paper and hang it on the wall beside your bed so that whenever you wake up every morning you will see and remember it.

These are some of the most important and essential tips that you need to try to make New Year 2017 goals possible and successful in 2018 and you will go on and on.


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